Research & Development

Mr Jodie Hunns is an experienced Engineering Consultant offering cost saving and efficiency solutions within any factory environment.

Examples of Research and Development Projects Include:

  • An automatic recycling machine to separate plastic vacuum pack wrapping from the raw materials, to reducing landfill waste and improving cost efficiency for the client.
  • A semi automatic, heavy root crop trimming and halving machine, having the ability to automatically adjust to various graded sizes reducing labour costs by 60% on average
  • Automatic watering systems for plants to reduce labour costs and ensure all products receive correct dosage of water
  • Vision system to identify shape, irregularities, date confirmation again to remove human error and save the customer expensive re-call costs as a result.
  • Automatic Q-box erecting system to protect users from RSI strain and further reduce labour costs
  • Automatic size grading of Celeriac and semi-automatic size reduction
  • Automatic box closing systems
  • Semi-automatic carousel lines for re-packing stoned fruits reducing labour requirements by 50% per annum

The challenges of these projects are approached in a methodical way to ensure that the inevitable R&D costs are kept to a minimum.

An in depth consultation of proposed works and clear communication throughout the project ensures that clients can monitor their expenditure and plan deadlines for final installation. Promech Engineering is able to incorporate robotics and vision systems where appropriate. Initial no obligation consultations are free and we will not sell equipment to a client which is more complex than necessary.

Celeriac Grader system

Celeriac Cutting machine

Automatic Q-box erecting machine
Video 1 showing general operation

Video 2 showing fault recognition and ease of use

Robotic simulations of various systems designed for different types of industry

Video showing Promech designed system with Fanuc robot loading 2Kg packs of onions

Video showing Promech designed system with Fanuc robot loading 1Kg packs of onions

Video showing automatic handling of Procona bucket used in the cut flower industry

Video showing automatic system for palletising procona buckets with Promech designed infeed system & Fanuc robot

Swede topper prototype
Prototype work carried out for Morrisons for feasabilty of automatic swede trimming


Trim test showing quality of cut. Speed of final machine would be governed by step infeed plattern and syncronised to cut at stationary time
Box closing machine
Indexing box closer for end of line applictaions. Very compact reduces need for unskilled labour at end of line for simple task

Box closer 1

Machine built to close cardboard boxes used in the Fresh herb industry. Machine coupled to other automation equipment to enable faster cycle times from harvesting to palletisation

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