Factory Machinery

The team specialises in machinery overhaul, factory maintenance and servicing and is able to produce bespoke machinery from design to installation.

Promech UK Limited offers services to many different types of factory process environments. We regularly work in food preparation factories both high care and low risk and have experience in the maintenance of many different types of process equipment. Having experienced electricians on hand 24-7 allows us to offer a convenient and effective emergency service for most eventualities. As well as food preparation factories we are also experienced in general pack house systems such as straight line conveyor systems, horticultural nurseries including those with complex automated container systems, cut flower processing companies, wood handling facilities, bulk handling facilities and also smaller niche companies who may have very specialised equipment which requires knowledgeable engineers to maintain.

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As well as servicing and maintaining, Promech UK Limited offer a bespoke machine building service. Capabilities of the systems that Promech can manufacture are only limited by the customers’ requirements. If you require a simple machine to carry out a task and maybe reduce your labour force by a single operative or indeed to improve efficiencies then Promech can help. Similarly if you require a more complex system which would reduce your labour costs significantly again Promech can help.

Promech UK Limited can also offer short, medium or long term shift cover to suit your needs. Examples would be to cover holidays for your shift engineers or maybe illness or paternity leave. If you have requirements for this type of service Promech would be happy to discuss terms and rates to suit all your company needs.

If you require an overview of your current systems and processes and would like to hear what Promech UK Limited  could do for your business then please do not hesitate to contact us using the on-line form or on 01775 711611 for more information on any of our services.