Anti-vandal plates fitted to bridge

Installation of anti vandal steel plates on a steel access bridge at Pecks Drove Spalding. After constant vandalism of the mesh panles we were asked by the Environment Agency to come up with a simple and cost effective solution to the ongoing issue. Beforehand the vandalism had made the bridge unsafe for small children and dog walkers as they could slip and fall between the road and the edge. These simple steel plates stop the vandals from bending the mesh panels and make the bridge safe again



Slide system for mobile jetting vehicle

We were tasked with finding a solution to save space and simplify the operation for a local jetting company. Our solution uses heavy duty ball slide units on a custom built frame. Capable of withstanding 450kg payload at a 1.0m extension this system is more than adequate to take a much larger jetting unit if required. Coupled with a low 650l baffled tank it free’s up the entire rear of the vehicle for other uses. The beauty of this system is that its a universal fit and can be removed and installed when the customer changes vehicles. There are many other uses for this type of telescopic system, from pull out work benches to racking, loading frames to assist in loading and unloading from a vehicle (health & safety) through to point of sale display systems for mobile use.


We can custom design, build and install anything you need to make your vehicle more suited to your needs

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