Galvanising bath extraction hood

We were approached by Premier Galvansing Ltd in Corby to look at improving the extraction on their hot dip galvanising bath. This is the first stage of the project was to close off the gaps where the fumes could excape and make a better seal for where the two pipes met. Also smooth out the nasty right angles so that the gasses could move more easily. It was discussed that acid resistant brush strips would be best as they wouldn’t deform as much over time, but would offer least resistance for when crane cables and two fixed opbjects needed to pass.

Before                                                          After


Before                                                          After


Fabricated parts


Stainless steel screen for interceptor tank and wier

Fabrication of bespoke stainless steel filter screen for a petro-chemical works. The original unit was beyond repair and the media used for filteration obsolete so we were asked to come up with a long term solution to the problem. The frame on teh screen can be split into two like a sandwich, so that should the screen material become damaged then it can be easily replaced. The work also included the fabrication from old 1960’s drawings a new water weir tank for the same project, This was fabricated in mild steel and hot dip galvanised afterwards


High level sructural steelwork and crane system

Installation of high level (15m from floor) steelwork, open mesh flooring and modular handrails into Spalding Energy Powerstation on West Marsh Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire. Work involved the modification of some existing steelwork and the provision of new beams and flooring so that a new ‘laydown’ and working area could be formed for when the plant is out during routine maintenance. This work also entailed the design and installation of a fixed crane system complete with pneumatic hoist for engineers to quickly lift and lower smaller components without using the larger 120tonne overhead crane.

Anti-vandal plates fitted to bridge

Installation of anti vandal steel plates on a steel access bridge at Pecks Drove Spalding. After constant vandalism of the mesh panles we were asked by the Environment Agency to come up with a simple and cost effective solution to the ongoing issue. Beforehand the vandalism had made the bridge unsafe for small children and dog walkers as they could slip and fall between the road and the edge. These simple steel plates stop the vandals from bending the mesh panels and make the bridge safe again



High care upgrade to Beetroot factory

During November 2016 through to present we have been carrying out substantial upgrades to a factory in March which produces Beetroot. Our work included, but was not limited to installation of stainless steel panelling throughout the newly designed high care areas. Installation of PVC strip planking to the remainder of the old whitewalling to bring it up to standard and all this was completed whilst the factory was still running. Working in pocketed zones within the factory, with stringent timed schedules we completed this work on time and on budget. Various pahses are still ongoing, so this will be updated as and when work is completed.


Dallington FSR flood doors

New door and frame for Dallington FSR outfall, Northampton software task management. This door was designed to allow easy removal of debris during extreme flood conditions. Fitted for Jacobs LES on behalf of the Environment Agency


Before                                                                     Removal                          New going in


IMG_2005   IMG_2006

Being installed                                  Fitted and tested

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