High level sructural steelwork and crane system

Installation of high level (15m from floor) steelwork, open mesh flooring and modular handrails into Spalding Energy Powerstation on West Marsh Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire. Work involved the modification of some existing steelwork and the provision of new beams and flooring so that a new ‘laydown’ and working area could be formed for when the plant is out during routine maintenance. This work also entailed the design and installation of a fixed crane system complete with pneumatic hoist for engineers to quickly lift and lower smaller components without using the larger 120tonne overhead crane.

Anti-vandal plates fitted to bridge

Installation of anti vandal steel plates on a steel access bridge at Pecks Drove Spalding. After constant vandalism of the mesh panles we were asked by the Environment Agency to come up with a simple and cost effective solution to the ongoing issue. Beforehand the vandalism had made the bridge unsafe for small children and dog walkers as they could slip and fall between the road and the edge. These simple steel plates stop the vandals from bending the mesh panels and make the bridge safe again



Repairing vandalised Flood defences

Repairs and improvemnets to Rings End flood control doors enclosure after vandals cut away safety barriers and damaged other security structures. Install of new anti-scale plinths for teh concrete abutments and palisade fan tails along with numerous repairs and improvemnets to make the site more secure and safer for the Environment and Drainage board operatives who have to use the site

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