Anti-cavitation valve overhaul

We were asked if we could repair some anti-cavitation valves for Welland and Deeping Internal Drainage Board, Pode Hole, Spalding. As you can see the valves were in very poor condition and had been subjected to some quite arduous conditions, but once pulled apart and inspected we were able to repair and make them fully operational again. In total we were given 6x of these valves, all done one by one, each one needed slightly different work doing to it than the other, but all the corrosion was removed, new 40mm thick solid stainless steel arms were machined and fabricated in place of the rotten units. All the bronze hinges were stripped and overhauled, holes reamed and pins polished. All the broken cast sections were removed and replaced with water jet cut stainless steel profiles. New seals made and bonded in place, then any exposed metalwork shot blasted at a local company called Blast off ( and coated in chlorinated rubber paint. The client then installed these and remarked on how much better their pumps worked, which resulted in less energy being consumed also!


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